Most of the iPhone and iPad users after upgrading the iOS to the new version, find many icons missing. One of the tops searched queries is “Missing Camera In iPhone” or “Missing Camera In iPad.” This is no big problem now as you might have unknowingly disabled it.

Disabling Camera? Yes! You heard it right! I have recently updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 8 and found the same issue. This is what exactly happened to me; After upgrading to iOS 8 my phone restarted and asked me for restrictions and what I thought was “Restrictions” could restrict the apps from accessing my private data on My iPhone and disabled few Apps in which Camera is a part.

It were only after a week when I wanted to snap few pics on sister I found no camera button or option on my iPhone 5S. Yes! I resolved it using online help, and I am going to demonstrate the process of enabling the camera in a detailed way with step by step explanation with screen shots.

How To Enable OR Disable Camera On iPhone And iPad | Missing Camera In iPhone And iPad

Follow the below process, and you can enable the camera in just one minute.

Step 1:

Click on “Settings” button, which appears at the right bottom corner. In the image below, it is shown in highlighted green color.

Step 2:

Now, after opening “Settings,” you find a lot of options. You need to open “General” Menu. In other words “General Settings.”

Step 3:

In “General Settings,” scroll down till you find “Restrictions” option. When you find, click open “Restrictions.”

Step 4:

Sometimes opening “Restrictions” might ask for a password. If you have set one, the should know what the passcode is. After giving the passcode it the opens into a menu where you can find severals apps and services which can be enabled and disabled.

Step 5:

Now, if you want to “Enable Camera,” slide over the camera option such that it turns “Green.” Or, if you want to “Disable Camera” then slide the button in the other way such that it becomes “White.”

That’s it! You have now successfully Enabled / Disabled the camera. Go check it out on the home screen. You should be able to find the camera on Home Screen.

Note: The above process is a completely safe and secure process, and this has nothing to with any other iOS problems in your device.

Enable Or Disable Missing Camera In iPhone

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