Everyone loves the iPhone, but we don’t like it when the battery drains quickly on this gorgeous smartphone from Apple. The one pet peeve every smartphone owner will admit to having, is battery drain. Since iOS 7.1 was launched, many users have complained about the battery life being poor. But the fact is that it’s not the fault of the iPhone that causes its battery to run out, but the apps that are continuously running in the background. That doesn’t mean that you should go and remove all the apps from your phone. Even though this will ensure a prolonged battery lifespan, that’s not how a smartphone is meant to be used.

First, you need to go to Settings, then General, and finally Usage. The Usage time indicates how long your phone has been in use since you last charged it, and this time should be considerably lower than the Standby time. Otherwise, there is a problem.

There are a few things you can do to prolong your iPhone battery life.

As the Facebook app consumes a great amount of processing power and RAM, even while not in use, turning off the background app refresh and location will increase your battery percentage.

  • Although Background App Refresh was introduced in iOS 7 to enable apps to search new content and download updates while they’re not even running, it causes extreme battery drain and also you don’t need the option for every app on your phone. So, disabling it for apps that you do not use that often is a good idea.
  • Avoid closing your apps in multitasking, as even though many may say that closing them will protect your battery life, by closing the app, you are removing the app from the device’s RAM. This means, when you open it the next time, your phone has to load it into memory all over. The reality is that iOS freezes your app at the point you last left it, and effectively, they aren’t running in the background. Most of the apps on your iPhone aren’t allowed to function in the background if you haven’t turned on Background App Refresh.
  • It may be great to receive instant notifications once you get an email, but this push email service actually drains a lot of your battery, if not properly configured. It is advisable to change the setting to search for emails at intervals, like fifteen minutes, thirteen minutes or an hour, and look for any improvement in battery life. If you’re having multiple accounts, you can disable push notifications on some accounts.
  • Disabling push notifications for annoying apps is also a good idea, as every time you get a notification, your phone has to wake from sleep for five to ten seconds to light your screen up and wait for your action upon that notification.
  • Being concerned about your iPhone battery makes you look at the screen from time to time to see the battery percentage and the amount by which it has dropped. This only adds to your battery woes.
  • When you’re in an area with poor network connectivity, you should switch to airplane mode. This is because, due to poor signal, your iPhone boosts power to the antenna so that you’re connected and able to receive calls and maintain data connection. If it is important that your receive calls, there is not much to do. But if the signal is too poor to let you receive calls, turning on airplane mode is the best option to prevent the battery percentage from plummeting.
How To Make iPhone/iPad Battery Life Last Longer

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